Social Economy and Cities

Values and competitiveness
for an inclusive and sustainable
local development

October 1-3, 2018

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To organise the Global Social Economic Forum GSEF2018, it is essential to contact a vast network of Basque and foreign strategic allies that support the Forum Organisation, helping to develop its programme and promote the event in their different circles.



This committee brings together a selection of representatives from local government and the main entities, networks and international organisations working on Social Economy and developing cities all over the world. These Committee members play a key role in the success of GSEF2018, in so much as they offer their support publicly, they support the launch and the dissemination of news on the event and they provide information on best practices from their territories also attending the Forum in October 2018.

In this respect, the diversity of this committee’s members is essential for the Forum Organisation. The Honorary Committee brings together the following types of organisations:

Local and territorial agents

Confirmed members:

  • Iñigo Ucin- President of the General Board of the MONDRAGÓN Corporation
  • Maria Ubarretxena- Mayor of Mondragón
  • Paul Ortega- Director of Development Cooperation at the Basque Development Cooperation Agency
  • Rosa Lavín- President of EGES-Euskal Gizarte Ekonomiaren Sarea/Red Vasca de Economía Social/Basque Social Economy Network
  • Txomin García- President of Laboral Kutxa
  • Bernardino Sanz- Director General of the Economy and Public Sector on Madrid City Council
  • Alvaro Porro- Social Economy Commissioner on Barcelona City Council
  • Ronald Nsubuga- Mayor of Kampala (Uganda)

National and International SE Networks

Confirmed members:

  • Abdelmoula Abdelmoumni- President of the UAM (Union Africaine de la Mutualité)
  • Alfredo Sigliano- President of the Organización de Entidades Mutuales de las Américas (ODEMA)
  • Maira Cabrini- Communications Director Ashoka Spain
  • Balasubramanian G. Iyer- Regional Director of ICA (International Co-operative Alliance) Asia and Pacific
  • Beatriz Cabrera González- National Executive Commission – Movimiento de Economía Social y Solidaria del Ecuador (MESSE)
  • Denison Jayasooria- Asian Solidarity Economy Council (ASEC)
  • Frédéric Bailly- President of Groupe SOS
  • Giuseppe Guerini- Spokesperson for the Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane
  • Jason Nardi- General delegate for RIPESS Europa
  • Jonathan Rosenthal- Executive Director of New Economy Coalition (NEC)
  • Juan Antonio Pedreño- President of the Spanish Business Confederation for Social Economy (CEPES)
  • Luciano Siqueira Mina- Foro Brasileiro de la Economía Solidaria (FBES)
  • Madani Koumare- President of the Réseau Africain de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire (RAESS)
  • Manuel Redaño González- Managing Director of Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI)
  • Pauline Eyebe-Effa- Director General of PFAC (Partenariat France-Afrique pour le co-développement)
  • Rudi Dalvai- President of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization)

International Networks of Local Governments

Confirmed members:

  • Emilia Saiz- Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
  • Octavi de la Varga- Secretary General of METROPOLIS
  • Wolfgang Teubner- Director of ICLEI Europa

International Organisations

Confirmed members:

  • Ulla Engelmann- European Commission Manager for the Clusters, Social Economy and Entrepreneurship unit

Academic and Research Networks or Entities

Confirmed members:

  • Abdeljalil Cherkaoui- Member of the IPD Administration Board (Institut Panafricain pour le Développement)
  • Alan Southern- University of Liverpool
  • Jorge de Sá- President of CIRIEC
  • Bernard Thiry- Director General of the CIRIEC
  • Bixente Atxa- Dean of Mondragon Unibertsitatea
  • Nekane Balluerka- Dean of the UPV/EHU (University of the Basque Country)
  • Rocío Nogales- Director of the EMES


The Orientation Council is intended to advise the Local Organising Committee on making decisions concerning all aspects of GSEF2018, including promotion, programming and communications. It is made up of representatives of entities that, without participating directly in organising the event, share their experience and networks to boost the event’s relevance and success.

Orientation Council Members

  • Beatrice Alain- Chantier de l’économie sociale
  • Beñat Irasuegi- TALAIOS
  • Carlos de Freitas- FMDV (Fonds Mondial pour le Développement des Villes)
  • Christiane Bouchart- RTES (Réseau des collectivités Territoriales pour une Economie Solidaire)
  • Émilien Gruet- TIESS (Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire)
  • Gianluca Salvatori- EURICSE (European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises)
  • Gorka Espiau– McGill University
  • Juan Antonio Pedreño- SSE (Social Economy Europe) y CEPES (Confederación Empresarial Española de la Economía Social)
  • Luigi Martignetti- REVES (Réseau européen des villes et régions de l’économie sociale)
  • Marguerite Mendell- Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy
  • Milder Villegas- INAISE (International Association of Investors in the Social Economy)
  • Paul Ladd- UNRISD (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development)
  • Peru Sasia- Fiare Banca Ética
  • Sonia Vaillancourt- ISTO (International Social Tourism Organization)
  • Tony Armstrong- Locality Communities ambitious for change
  • Zigor Ezpeleta- Mondragon Corporation