Social Economy and Cities

Values and competitiveness
for an inclusive and sustainable
local development

October 1-3, 2018

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Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL) is a reference in the Basque municipal arena, recognised as an authentic and efficient partner of local governments with other institutions in promoting coordination and consensus on public policies. Its key mission as an association is to facilitate a common meeting space and to represent the general interests of municipalities.

Konfekoop –Basque Cooperatives Confederation– holds the highest representation of the Basque cooperative enterprises. It was set up in 1996 in response to the need to bolster the Basque Cooperative Movement in view of the movement’s economic as well as social importance. Today, Konfekoop represents more than 1,100 Cooperatives in the Basque Country; these employ over 53,500 workers, of whom 34,000 are co-operative members.

The REAS Euskadi network was created in 1997 to bring together around 70 social organisations and companies that promote a people-oriented economy focusing on the sustainability of life. It promotes economic activities based on principles such as cooperation, non-profit, reciprocity, inclusion, incorporation of the feminist perspective, environmental sustainability, equity or commitment to the community and the territory.

EHLABE Social and Labour Inclusion is the Basque Association of non-profit organizations which promote the social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities. Currently, it groups 13 entities of the Social Economy that provide employment and employability services to more than 11,000 people with disabilities in the Basque Country.

SAREEN SAREA is the association containing the networks of Third Sector organisations in the Basque Country. Composed of 3,500 associations, foundations, cooperatives, social and labour insertion companies and special employment centres, all of which are social initiative and non-profit organisations, 125,000 volunteers, 36,000 employed persons and an economic volume of 1,451 million Euros per year, representing 2.2% of the Basque Country’s GDP.

ASLE is the business group of labour companies of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, in the area of Social Economy. Its mission is the defence, consolidation, promotion and development of Labour Companies, which are commercial companies where the workers are the majority shareholders. It contains around 300 companies with more than 5,500 workers.

Gizatea, the Basque Country’s Association of Social Integration Enterprises promotes integration enterprises as tools that seek to generate inclusive employment opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion.