Social Economy and Cities

Values and competitiveness
for an inclusive and sustainable
local development

October 1-3, 2018

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What is Social Economy

Social Economy enterprises and organisations are economic and social actors present in all sectors of economy and society.
In many different forms at all levels, national and international, but its roots are local.

The Social Economy creates quality jobs and has the capacity to meet today’s challenges, not only through labour-intensive production, but also through new technologies contributes to the social integration of vulnerable sectors of society.

By linking economic aspects with social aspects, by establishing partnerships with the public sector, private enterprises and trade unions with a view to developing areas and making them more cohesive, Social Economy helps businesses to gain a local foothold in a globalised economy.

Social Economy enterprises and organisations are distinguished by a set of specific shared values and characteristics:

· The primacy of the individual and the social objective over capital
· Democratic control by the membership
· The combination of the interests of members, users, and general interest (society)
· The defence and application of the principle of solidarity and responsibility
· Reinvestment of the surplus to carry out sustainable development objectives, services of interest to members or of general interest
· Voluntary and open membership
· Autonomous management and independence from public authorities